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Clean Air Champions' mission is to improve air quality and reduce climate change by working with high performance athletes to educate and inspire Canadians, primarily youth, to adopt more sustainable, healthier lifestyles.

Champions are national team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes - the heart and soul of Clean Air Champions. Their personal stories are integrated into their CAC presentations and touch the hearts of their audiences to inspire them to take action for our environment and our health.

KG and CAC

Kristina has spoken to hundreds of school kids about climate change, air quality and active transportation.  Her contribution to the program has helped educate and motivate students to take action in their lives to reduce their impact on the environment and even inspire their families to do the same. 

CAC Programs

CAC programs inspire Canadians and provide them with the tools they need to live healthier, more active lives. Three core programs focus on active modes of transportation, reducing carbon footprints and understanding the connection between air quality, respiratory health and sustainable living. 

Learn more about Clean Air Champions and how to book an athlete speaker here.

What is Clean Air Champions?