Performance on Demand:  Business, Sport & Life


Reaching the pinnacle of any realm, whether in business or sport, takes a keen and intimate understanding of the concept of performance on demand – performing your best when it counts the most.

Kristina Groves’ career in long track speed skating spanned twenty-three years, thirteen of those at the highest level. 

A three-time Olympian and four-time Olympic medalist, Kristina made a life of learning how to perform on demand.  Her goal to become the best required self-awareness and patience to learn what performance excellence is and what it takes to achieve it.

By dissecting her remarkable career in great detail, Kristina has come to understand the components of performance that led to her success.  Training, technical skill and psychology, all of which can be applied to a business or sport environment, form the critical elements necessary for achieving performance on demand.

In this fascinating presentation, Kristina will take you through her journey to ultimately achieving performance on demand and offer key insights and tools that anyone, in sport, business or life, can use to work towards their own success.

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