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Refreshingly honest. Curiously funny. Acutely insightful.

Four-time Olympic medalist and three-time Olympian in speed skating, Kristina Groves, brings a distinctive blend of experience, vision and spark to her thought-provoking and inspirational presentations. A CAPS Professional Speaker, Kristina has delivered over 150 professional, keynote and motivational presentations to corporate, business, sport and educational audiences throughout Canada and around the world. 

With a refreshing combination of humility, honesty and humour, Kristina will challenge you and your organization to think differently, ask big questions and act courageously. Personable and genuine, Kristina’s rich, unique and compelling experience from a 23-year career in elite sport pairs brilliantly with issues and challenges in the world of business, sport and education. 

Kristina Groves is available for a diverse range of presentations, including motivational, keynote, sport specific, educational and community outreach. Her versatility as a speaker caters to well designed and individually tailored presentations for your organization.

If you want to hear the truth, laugh openly and be inspired, contact Kristina here!


“Kristina brings new meaning to the word 'Excellence': she has now moved beyond winning Olympic medals to sharing her best practices with others on how to win their own personal Olympic medal.....in sport, business, personal health etc. Groves has put together an awesome description of her path to the podium, which all will benefit from!” Jon Kolb, Director, Own The Podium, Sport Science, Medicine & Innovation

"As a keynote speaker, Kristina Groves has a unique, and humour filled, presentation and connects seamlessly with her audience. Speaking to a room of 4,000 new university students, Kristina's speech touched on her journey from University of Calgary student, through her Olympic career, and beyond." Student Leadership Programs, University of Calgary

“Kristina’s ability to link the milestones in her athletic career with key performance benchmarks leading to podium success definitely had a tremendous impact on our coaches.  In fact, her message is critical for anyone, sport, business or otherwise, who strives for excellence and aspires to be the best in their field. Kristina is a leader in Canadian sport and will certainly leave a positive impact on those who can hear her story!”  David Hill, Director, National Coaching Institute of BC

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