Sport Specific Presentations

Sport specific presentations are tailored towards National and Provincial Sport Organizations, Athletes, Teams, Coaches and Administrators. For more information, please contact Kristina here.


Performance on Demand:  Using insight gained from her own experience as a high performance athlete in speed skating, Kristina dissects the theory of performance on demand by breaking down and explaining the concept and the skills required to achieve it.  The components of physiology, technique and psychology are explored in terms of their relative contribution to achieving the difficult and ultimate task of performance on demand in major championship competition.

Elite Habits:  A comprehensive and targeted approach to developing elite training habits in athletes at all levels. Sticking to fundamentals and wading through gimmicks, Kristina offers applied, practical and effective guidance to practicing and implementing the key skills required to become one of the best in the world.

Team Quite unlike any talk you've heard about 'Team' before, this presentation's unconventional approach to what makes a group of individuals a team will make you think twice about what Team really is and how to create one. Kristina's experience on a team in an individual sport combined with her keen insight to performance makes for an interesting and thought-provoking presentation.