Transition:  Getting to the Other Side


After a 23-year career in long track speed skating that saw Kristina Groves reach the pinnacle of sport – winning four Olympic medals – she now faces the exciting, but sometimes daunting, challenge of transitioning to a new career and a new life beyond sport. 

Although transition is a remarkably individual process, it is one that is made significantly more manageable by learning about others' experiences. Like many people who have faced big changes in their lives, Kristina has dealt with the challenge of letting go of her old life, the quest to find a new passion and the courage to pursue a brand new career. 

Getting to the Other Side is all about embracing the challenge of transition and successfully moving on with your life. Through building on experiences she has had in her life in sport and from her transition beyond it, Kristina humbly and honestly shares her insight from the struggles to the successes in working through a major change in her life and how others can do the same.  

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