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She has a Way with Words

In The Huffington Post, The Toronto Star, Impact Magazine and on her own blogs, The GrovesLine and The Full Green Monty (coming soon!), Kristina Groves writes about sport, performance excellence, the environment, sustainable building, life and much, much more. 

When the inspiration strikes, and sometimes when it doesn't, Kristina enjoys writing for writing's sake.  Her introspective and sensitive style resonates with readers across Canada and around the world.

"Kristina, I am truly blown away by the sheer power of your words. I hope this reaches out to anyone whose ears are open to receive this message of wisdom, because it applies to far more than sport. Thank you for your kind words, the support and this amazing blog! Cheers, JP"

Funny, insightful and well-read, Kristina's writing offers a refreshing dose of honesty, an interesting perspective and a little bit of quirk. She's happy writing about whatever, whenever, and she's also happy to write for you, too. 

Contact Kristina for more information about her writing, and writing for you, here.